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History of The Jewish View

Celebrating more than a quarter Century of information for the Jewish community.


The Jewish View debuted in 1990 on community media television in the town of Bethlehem and surrounding communities shortly after Rabbi Nachman Simon arrived from Hartford, Conn.


Rabbi Simon began the program with religious subjects such as the meaning of the Jewish holidays as well as passages from the Mishnah, Gemara, Talmud and Torah.


Within a decade of taping two half-hour programs each month, Rabbi Simon began introducing guests on the program to vary the conversation. He also added the occasional guest host.


Steven Lefkowitz, a state worker with the Tax Department, soon became a regular co-host on the program. Steve enjoyed handling this volunteer assignment with his passion for Judaism. Steve was interested in furthering his personal life so he decided to transfer his employment to New York City. He got married and had a son in the late 1990s. On September 11, 2001 tragedy struck when two terrorist planes leveled the Twin Towers. Steve was among 2,752 men, women and children who perished in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.


Shortly after this tragedy Rabbi Simon was seeking a new co-host for The Jewish View. In 2007 Rabbi Simon chose Marc Gronich, President / News Director of Statewide News Service, to be his next co-host of The Jewish View.


Since 2007, the program has morphed from purely a religious program to telling stories through various guests. This brought a celebration of Jewish life and culture as an ethnicity in addition to a focus on Judaism from a religious perspective.


From June of 2013 through June 2017, the two co-hosts taped 447 half-hour uninterrupted episodes of The Jewish View. In this four year period, an average of 112 programs each year was taped. That’s more than two episodes, on average, each week.


The program has featured government officials at the federal, state, county, city, town and village levels, elected officials, law enforcement advocates, lobbyists, leaders in arts, education, ethics, environmentalists, labor rights advocates, transportation, social services and business. These guests have been from 13 counties, seven cities, five towns and three villages.


About Our Hosts

Rabbi Nachman Simon

Born in Chicago, Rabbi Simon received his rabbinic ordination from the Chabad-Lubavitch Central Yeshiva in 1977.  He then moved to West Hartford, Conn., to begin Jewish outreach and a family. Rabbi Simon moved to Albany, NY, in 1987. He has been teaching adult classes about the Talmud, Jewish mysticism, innovating discussion groups and seminars such as the Jewish Learning Institute. He has been facilitating these programs for 30 years.  Rabbi Simon provides prison visitation to Jewish inmates in upstate New York. He teaches children at the Maimonides Hebrew Day School and runs a summer day camp, Camp Gan Israel. He resides in Delmar, NY with his wife, Clara. They have 13 children and many grandchildren.

Marc Gronich

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Marc attended public schools and an Orthodox Talmud Torah school. Marc attended the University at Albany, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in 1981. That same year he began his own business, Statewide News Service. While in college he began covering events at the state Capitol in 1979. An award-winning journalist, his tenure now spans six gubernatorial administrations. During this time Marc also worked brief stints for Democrats, Republicans, a political organization and a gubernatorial campaign for an Independence party candidate holding a behind-the-scenes, front row seat.